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LEGO(R) Serious Play(R) (LSP) workshop: building communities of open practice

Monday 14:00-15:30 (1), McClintock Suite

Type: Workshop

Theme: Building and linking communities of open practice

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Chrissi Nerantzi, Principal Lecturer Academic CPD, CELT, Manchester Metropolitan University, [email protected]
Dr Sean McCusker, Research Fellow, Department School of Education, Durham University, [email protected]


LSP Workshop (1.5 hours)

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in a series of hands-on LSP activities that will help us reflect on the overall conference theme Building Communities of Open Practice and bring together individual perspectives.

Specifically, during this workshop, delegates will be able to:
• explore communities of open practice through the LSP method
• share and discuss communities of open practices with other delegates
• reflect and identify further opportunities to build and extend communities of open practice

LSP is a method to visualise thoughts and ideas, experiences and reflections using LEGO bricks to share stories based on the LEGO model which are metaphors. Through LSP opportunities for rich horizontal communication, creative ideas generation and pan-participation can be achieved that will provide a deep insight into individual and collective perspectives. We will experience thinking with our hands and use the LSP method, available under a creative commons licence “share alike” (LEGO Group, 2010), increasingly used in a number of Educational and Business contexts (Gauntlett, 2007; Frick E., Tardini S., Cantoni L., 2013). We will share open practice experiences to build and extend communities through our own models. We will also identify together further opportunities to open-up, build bridges to connect communities as well as arrive at shared conceptions of 'open communities'. The LSP method will enable delegates to immerse themselves into a playful experience, express more freely and reflect more deeply through their own visualisations and metaphors (Gauntlett, 2011).

Brown (2010, 101) states “Play is like fertilizer for brain growth. It’s crazy not to use it.” Let’s play with LEGO® and put this to the test.


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Further details

Keywords: open educational practice, higher education, academic development, Lego Serious Play, building communities, workshop

Mrs Chrissi Nerantzi, Principal Lecturer Academic CPD, Manchester Metropolitan University

Twitter: @chrissinerantzi

Twitter abstract: Building communities of open practice workshop using the LEGO® Serious Play® Method