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OER Exchange: the new communication tool for OER practitioners

Tuesday 9:00-10:30 (3), Grainger Suite

Type: Short paper

Theme: Building and linking communities of open practice

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Sara Frank Bristow, Salient Research, [email protected]



"I'd use OER in my classes, but I don't know where to find them!"

This refrain is heard far too often from would-be OER users across various fields and sectors. Salient Research has developed the OER Exchange (http://oerexchange.org/), a free, open-source "Classified Ads for OER". The site offers a low-bandwidth interface for educators, course developers, researchers and others to ask questions, share information, and chat generally about OER.


Research into the UNESCO IIEP OER Community (2005-2009) and several recent projects revealed a community that has long benefited from free and open access to a forum in which to share and reflect. To fill this void and nurture the budding community of practice around OER, a simple, open-source version of the popular US "Craigslist" site was tailored for use by OER practitioners.


Educators and researchers have visited the site in increasing numbers since November, when OER Exchange launched in beta at Open Education 2013 (Park City, Utah). Users typically post listings in search of specific learning materials, but often share information about resources they find particularly useful in their own classes. Researchers and administrators have their own section of the site, populated by presentations, research papers, job listings and more.


This talk is intended to introduce new users to OER Exchange, to answer frequently asked questions, to unveil new features, and to solicit feedback for the next release.


OER Exchange. Available from http://oerexchange.org/. [Accessed 13 November 2013].


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Keywords: OER, OER exchange, OER materials, OER resources

Website: http://oerexchange.org/

Ms Sara Frank Bristow, Lead Researcher, Salient Research

Twitter: @salientresearch

Twitter abstract: Find, share, chat about #OER with #OERExchange http://oerexchange.org/en #UKOER