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Open repositories: "Re:Source" a window on the college sector in Scotland

Tuesday 9:00-10:30 (2), Blaydon/Gibbs

Type: Lightning talk

Theme: Academic practice, development and pedagogy

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Garry Cameron, Manager, College Development Network, [email protected]
Jackie Graham, OER Consultant, College Development Network, [email protected]



College Development Network recognise the benefits and value of the open sharing of educational resources and practice to both the college sector and wider. Regional colleges, funding arrangements, curriculum alignment to economic demands has provided a relevant context for promoting and supporting open sharing of high quality learning, teaching and assessment materials. The time is right for colleges to open up their educational content as part of a shared services agenda that will widen access to education, encourage greater collaboration within curriculum areas, between colleges and employers, between colleges and other key stakeholders. There are several key partners involved in supporting the move to open sharing of educational resources in the sector.


* Engagement and management groups formed.
* Engagement strategy developed based on research within the sector.
* Partnership working is a unique selling point of Re:Source.
* Delivered through a Jorum - powered window.
* Librarian Development Network formed a copyright working group.
* Evaluation: POERUP case study. feedback from the sector and key partners.


There is support for adoption of position and guidance on OER for the college sector. Colleges are willing to contribute to the development of a national window on the FE open educational resources in Scotland by encouraging the sharing of links and/or content through Re:Source. However a range of structural, organisational and attitudinal barriers have to be lessened to develop a strategic and planned processes of OER for the regional colleges.

The sector wishes to share high quality learning materials - there is an expectation that this is needed in the changed educational landscape. Expectations are being met by raising the proffile of OER with the policy body for colleges in Scotland - Colleges Scotland.


What do we need to make it happen in the college sector? How do we achieve:
-senior management support
-support staff to develop materials and resources published under open licences
-develop a culture of openness across the sector
-commitment to developing OER policy
-exploiting the knowledge and expertise of library staff to manage an approach to OER
-a contribution to influencing Government policy on OER?


http://www.collegedevelopmentnetwork.ac.uk. [Accessed 26 November 2013].
http://www.collegesscotland.ac.uk. [Accessed 26 November 2013].

Funding acknowledgements

Scottish Funding Council

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Keywords: Colleges, Scotland, OER, Repository, Open Licence, partnership working, shared services

Mr Garry Cameron, Manager, College Development Network

Twitter abstract: re:Source (OER Repository) is a JORUM powered windowonto the college sector providing access to collections of content.