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Implementation of OER in the nursing program, Dalarna University, Sweden (IMPOERS)

Tuesday 13:00-14:30 (10), Mezzanine Balcony

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Theme: MOOCs and open courses

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Ebba Ossiannilsson, Lund University, [email protected]
Monica Jansson, Dalarna University, [email protected]
Maria Neljesjö, Dalarna University, [email protected]
Marie Elf, Dalarna University, [email protected]


In the project IMPOERS, we will implement Open Education Resources (OER) in a nursing program. OER is one of the strongest driving forces for personalized learning. The use of OER is increasing in higher education. Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and UNESCO stresses the pedagogical benefits of using OER (Hylén, 2012; McGreal, 2013; Punie & Haché, 2013; UNESCO 2012). Today, the use of the web as an open source for knowledge acquisition is accepted in higher education, providing new pedagogical possibilities and support for competence development. This impact on students’ and teachers’ roles and responsibility for learning, creation of learning content and activities and forums for interaction. Implementation of OER can reinforce an open culture of learning and students can have more opportunities to achieve ownership of their own learning and thereby take greater responsibility for their studies, which may enhance both motivation and individualized learning. In addition, OER can improve the progression in learning and also contribute to and support a lifelong learning. Furthermore, OER may stimulate networking among the students, which can be maintained over the education period.

The Nursing program at Dalarna University in Sweden has recently been awarded with the EADTU´s E-xcellence Associates Label for excellence in e-learning (Ubachs, 2009). The quality award involved the creation of a roadmap for continuous development of e-learning and implementation of OER (Santesson, et al., 2012). Thus, the overall goal with the IMPOERS research project is to introduce and implement the use of OER as a pedagogical framework in the nursing program at Dalarna University. The project aims to describe how and in what way OER can be implemented and used for learning. OER will thus be implemented in a course within the nursing program and effects and the implementation process will be studied. This will be performed through a mixed method using questionnaires, diaries and interviews (narratives), dialogue seminars. The project will focus on students' participation, knowledge, empowerment, responsibility over their own learning processes and attitudes of using OER.


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Link to the presentation of the poster by Monika and Maria at OER14: https://vimeo.com/93839929


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Keywords: oer, oep, nursing, ossiannilsson,elf, santesson, Dalarna university, benchmarking

Dr Ebba Ossainnilsson, Dr, Project Manager, Lund University

Twitter: @EbbaOssian

Twitter abstract: Implementation of OER in the nursing program, Dalarna University, Sweden. Research on processes and effects