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Integrating Jorum into your web site - an introduction to Jorum’s API

Tuesday 14:30-15:00 (1), Jenner Suite

Type: Workshop

Theme: Building and linking communities of open practice

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Paul Madley, Jorum Developer, Jorum, University of Manchester, [email protected]
Anja Le Blanc, Jorum Developer, Jorum, University of Manchester, [email protected]



Jorum has developed an API to access Jorum content and statistics. This workshop will introduce and demonstrate the API with practical examples. Delegates will be expected to bring their own laptop/tablet and possess a basic understanding of HTML.

Rationale: What are the aims and intended learning outcomes of the workshop?
The Jorum API is a new way of accessing Jorum content and statistics. The aim of this workshop is to publicise its existence and to teach people its capabilities. Authors of OERs can boost the visibility of their resources by integrating them into their own web pages and therefore promoting reuse. After the workshop delegates will be able to use the Jorum Rest API and be able to integrate Jorum content and statistics via the API in their web pages.

Content: What will delegates learn through attending?

Through practical examples, delegates will learn how to use the Jorum API and how to build and integrate widgets in their own web sites. A basic level of computer literacy is expected for delegates to successfully adopt the content of this workshop.

Delivery method(s): How will this workshop engage attendees in learning?

The workshop will be structured in two parts: The first part will introduce the features of the Jorum API and delegates will learn how to build queries for Jorum. In the second part, delegates will learn the principles of building reusable widgets and how to integrate these into their own web pages.


Pautasso, C. (2009). RESTful web service composition with BPEL for REST. Data & Knowledge Engineering, 68(9), 851-866.

Funding acknowledgements

Jorum is funded by Jisc

Further details

Keywords: OER, Jorum, API, Jorum API, REST

Mr Paul Madley, Jorum Developer, The University of Manchester

Twitter: @jorumteam

Twitter abstract: Learn how to surface, integrate, promote and boost #UKOER content in Jorum using the Jorum API at the #OER14 workshop