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The Wikimedia Ecosystem- where do you fit in?

Tuesday 11:00-12:30 (1), McClintock Suite

Type: Workshop

Theme: Academic practice, development and pedagogy

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Dr Martin Poulter, Wikimedia UK, [email protected]



Wikipedia and its sister sites are increasingly used as platforms for learners to create open content and experience publication. They are also avenues for libraries and cultural organisations to get impact for their content and for researchers to share the outputs of their research. However, many in education are held back from engaging by legitimate risks, by lack of clarity about what goes on "behind the scenes" of these open projects, or by lack of confidence.


Participants will learn about how the different Wikimedia projects relate to each other and how they provide a "sharing space" within which different stakeholders - course leaders, students, researchers, and content holders - are sharing activities and content, with examples from the HE sector. They will investigate specific ways this space could help their own work, by bringing their output to a wider audience or by enabling new educational assignments. The workshop is about "don'ts" as well as "do's" and it will note pitfalls that have been recognised, and learnt from, by early adopters.


The workshop will involve participants in building up on paper an individual plan of how Wikimedia activities complement their own, what they could do to, what next steps to take and what help they would need. It is also about creating a literal "big picture" of the education sector and Wikimedia and how they connect.


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Funding acknowledgements

My attendance at this conference is supported by Wikimedia UK.

Further details

Keywords: learners as producers, open practice, wiki, open knowledge, free knowledge, open access publishing

Dr Martin Poulter, ICT Manager, University of Bristol

Twitter: @mlpoulter

Twitter abstract: Wikipedia & other Wikimedia sites as platforms for creation of resources, content sharing & research impact