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Hack my class

Tuesday 11:00-12:30 (1), Jenner Suite

Type: Workshop

Theme: MOOCs and open courses

http://www.jonathanworth.com/ #oer14 #abs132


Jonathan Worth, Photographer, Coventry University and Phonar, [email protected]


Led by Jonathan Worth this workshop will invite participants new to "Open and Connected" to build an open class in 90 mins. As a part of the process the group will unpick the mechanics of open classes Phonar and Picbod and unpack the concepts behind them. We'll ask how some of these ideas hold up when applied away from photography/visual storytelling and then away from academia completely. The group will then elect a class to hack (from the room) and begin applying these frameworks together. Participants are invited to come with a "greatest hit" (favourite subject specific lesson/session) and to prepare a super-brief summary (think pitch) for sharing (non-photography/media/arts teachers and students are especially encouraged).

Further details

Keywords: OER14, Phonar, open education, MOOCs,

Website: http://www.jonathanworth.com/

Mr Jonathan Worth, Photographer, Coventry University

Twitter abstract: Building an open class in 90 minutes: applying lessons from Phonar and Picpod to wider academia and beyond