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Reusing open resources: learning in open networks for work, life & education

Monday 14:00-15:30 (2), Darwin Suite

Type: Short paper

Theme: Academic practice, development and pedagogy

http://routledge-ny.com/books/details/9780415838696/ #oer14 #abs131


Professor Allison Littlejohn, Director of the Caledonian Academy, Technology Enhanced Professional Learning, Glasgow Caledonian University, [email protected]
Dr Chris Pegler, Senior Lecturer, Open University, [email protected]


Opportunities for learning are opening up. Societal behaviours and attitudes towards open data have changed, fuelling a transformation in how, where and why online resources are created, shared, manipulated and reused for learning. Open resources provide a substrate that can be reused by anyone, anywhere to pursue their learning goals in education, at work and through everyday activities. This presentation aims to extend the discussion and debate on the potential of open, online resources to support learning over the decade since Reusing Online Resources: A sustainable approach to e-learning (Littlejohn, 2003) was published. At that time the vision was of how learners and teachers might produce, reuse and repurpose resources for learning, focusing on the creation, release and reuse of digital learning resources modelled on conventional educational materials.

Questions were raised about how these resources support learning, how learning and teaching practices and learning environments might change and whether the models of resource production and sharing could be sustained. Our view of how online resources can impact learning has transformed. The open release of resources and data is viewed as mainstream, rather than a specialist endeavour, changing societal expectations around resource access. Based on a new text, Reusing Open Resources (Littlejohn & Pegler, 2014), this presentation highlights five principles for the reuse of open resources to support learning


Littlejohn, A. (Ed) (2003) Reusing Online Resources: A Sustainable Approach to eLearning, Routledge: New York.
Littlejohn, A. and Pegler, C. (Eds) (2014) Reusing Open Resources: learning in open networks for work, life and education Routledge: New York.

Recap recording

The recapped recording of this presentation is available from https://campus.recap.ncl.ac.uk/Panopto/Pages/Viewer/Default.aspx?id=542f6095-ffed-487b-bff5-bdaaa6a50714 under a cc-by 4.0 licence.

Further details

Keywords: open learning, OER, MOOC, open knowledge

Website: http://routledge-ny.com/books/details/9780415838696/

Prof Allison Littlejohn, Director of the Caledonian Academy, Glasgow Caledonian University

Twitter abstract: How do open resources support learning across work, life &education http://tinyurl.com/o635ldk