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Meeting the needs of digital learners through digital credentialing with Open Badges

Monday 11:30-13:00 (1), Jenner Suite

Type: Workshop

Theme: Open policy, research, scholarship and access

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Miss Grainne Hamilton, Jisc RSC Scotland, [email protected]
Mr John Maguire, Jisc RSC Scotland, [email protected]
Mr Joe Wilson, Scottish Qualifications Agency, [email protected]



The aim of the workshop is to introduce people to the concept of digital credentialing with Open Badges, what goes into developing an Open Badge and the policy that would support uptake of an open accreditation system. The session will explore the strategic and practical opportunities provided by an open, standards-based, digital accreditation system to meet the needs of digital learners, motivate learning, span informal and formal learning spheres, and enhance employability. Case studies from the Scottish Qualifications Authority, Borders College and the Jisc RSC Scotland will demonstrate how the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) has been piloted to investigate opportunities to recognize and motivate the attainment of soft-skills, personalize the learner journey, aid the accreditation of prior learning and encourage staff CPD. During the session delegates will learn about key features of this digital credentialing system: the credentials (Open Badges); assessments or evidence for receiving a badge; and the Open Badge Infrastructure which enables the earning, issuing and display of Open Badges. Delegates will learn how to systematically develop the credentials and assessments that underpin an Open Badge as well as how to issue a completed badge. Policy developments that would help support increased uptake of open accreditation will also be discussed and explored.


Delegates will be provided with tools to learn how to create an Open Badge considering the behaviours they want to encourage through issuing the badges, the criteria – what someone has to do to earn the badge, the badge brand and the audience for the badge. A range of issuing systems such as Moodle and WordPress will be referenced and demonstrated for issuing Open Badges.

Delivery method(s)

Delegates will use a design sheet to formulate ideas around Open Badges, covering the behaviours they want to encourage, considering the criteria, badge brand and the audience for the badge. Issuing systems will be demonstrated.



Recap recording

A recording of this presentation is available at https://campus.recap.ncl.ac.uk/Panopto/Pages/Viewer/Default.aspx?id=ac5dc940-d3eb-47d0-94bb-b18efb0f9a37 ©Jisc RSC Scotland Gráinne Hamilton and Joe Wilson. Please note that this is a workshop and that sections of the recording may cover break out periods, or sound quality might fade.

Further details

Keywords: Open Badges, Open education policy, Jisc RSC Scotland, SQA, Borders College,

Miss Grainne Hamilton, e-Assessment Advisor, Jisc RSC Scotland

Twitter: @grainnehamilton

Twitter abstract: Explore open, digital credentialing with Open Badges, policy developments and how to create an Open Badge