Consent/permission form

OER14 28-29 April 2014 – photography/video/audio consent/permission form

Many sessions at OER14 will be captured using a mixture of video-recording, audio-recording, presentation-capture and sharing, and still photography.

The Open Educational Resources (OER14) organising committee will use the resulting assets as legacy of the conference and for the benefit of the public. We are likely to:

  • edit recordings prior to distribution (you will be able, along with other conference participants, to comment on/request changes to the edited versions);
  • licence them according to Creative Commons attribution-share-alike (3.0 UK: England & Wales license terms;
  • serve them from the conference website and/or in printed or web materials pertaining to the conference;
  • upload video and audio in full or part to a hosting service such as Vimeo;
  • place them in open access repositories;
  • incorporate them into a downloadable format;
  • make them available to the media and other organisations who may host OER conferences in the future.

Please would you print and complete the following and then initial the specific consents to which you agree (thereby giving us permission to use your contribution in one or more of the ways indicated). If so please complete the consent/permissions form. We will make your completed form available to to you for your records.  


Organisation (if applicable):

Address, including post code:

 Email address: 

Contact number: 

Please use the grid below to indicate, with your initials, the permission(s) you are giving, which shall be governed by the laws of England.

Initials to indicate consent

  1. I agree to my photograph being taken and potentially shared on social media sites.
  2. I agree to my presentation and performance being recorded so that it can be made publicly available. 
  3. I give consent to the use of any of the assets in full or part by OER14 in pursuance of its objectives and that they will be publicly available.
  4. I waive all legal rights which I may have now or in the future, (including, but without limitation) any of my rights under Sections 77 and 809 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, or similar laws. 

Signed …………………………………………….                                  Date………………………………..

If you have any additional or alternative conditions you would like to specify please state these below.



Thank you