Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts is now closed, please do not submit any further abstracts. The information below is provided for completeness. If you have an abstract accepted please see the further information for presenters.

We have some formatting issues that we will get sorted by next week (beginning 13 Jan) if you can put up with them then you may access the draft timetable. Please note that this is in DRAFT because we have not yet confirmed when Catherine Ngugi is able to arrive as she is travelling back from the US that weekend. Times and rooms may still change. 

Original information for abstract submitters: 

You may download a A5 Flyer or A3 Poster. All abstracts were submitted online (provided for reference only) following which they underwent peer review. Full guidance including an example of the submission form was available. The following types of submission were requested:  

  • Oral presentations (short papers): Oral presentations lasting 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes discussion, will normally report research studies and evaluations. Substantial case studies of significant original innovations may also be presented orally.
  • Lightning talks: Oral presentations lasting 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes questions with follow-up discussion will normally report a work in progress exploratory or small scale innovations and case studies.  
  • Interactive workshop: 60-90 minute interactive workshops will help delegates to experience and explore practice-based facets of OER, or approaches to associated scholarship and research.
  • Poster presentation: Posters reporting innovations or scholarship will be exhibited.
  • Fringe: An area for off-the-wall and un-conference ideas has been set aside for fringe activities.

Please reflect the conference focus ‘building communities of open practice’ and the themes:

  • Building and linking communities of open practice
  • MOOCs and open courses
  • Academic practice, development and pedagogy
  • Open policy, research, scholarship and access
  • Students as users and co-creators

Thanks to all our reviewers. 

Selected abstracts will be invited to be worked into short papers for a special issue of JIME. 

Image courtesy Centre for Life all rights reserved

Image courtesy Centre for Life all rights reserved

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