Summary of the morning precoffee sessions of day one of #oer14

Students from both Newcastle, Wendy Carr, and Leeds Met, Tim Slatford, gave a considered and thought provoking opening speech and warm welcome to the conference, held this year at Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Centre For Life, on 28 and 29 April 2014.

The keynote speech from Catherine Ngugi of OER Africa gave a different perspective to approaches to OER – must be of utility, fulfil a function, and couldn’t just be ‘something nice to do’. Open licenses are critical in places with little money for textbooks, where didactic practices are often the only way to pass on knowledge.

Skills acquisition around content delivery, curriculum design and skills to guide students rather than replying on the lecture, yet they are the skills expected of faculty worldwide in an increasingly networked world. This proved an effective way to develop curriculum and delivery innovative content.

Centre for Life in cake. By scienceatlife CC-BY-SA via Flickr at

Centre for Life in cake. By scienceatlife CC-BY-SA via Flickr at

Catherine went on to talk enthusiastically about what might be in it for them – often the question asked. If we share our things then other people will share and criticise, and we will learn from that.

She asked ‘Does OER = open practice?’ I think not, but you may have your own opinion….

And highlighted the

You can find abstracts, presentations and papers (where they have been uploaded) for each session, and a timetable/programme for the conference on the #oer14 website.

Tweets from the morning precoffee/opening sessions have been storified.