Welcome to the blog

Well it’s here and it’s live. The OER14 blog & website lives and breathes. 

For anyone new to the OERxx (thanks David Kernohan for the OERxx concept) then please start by taking a look at the previous conference site:  http://oer13.org/

For an even more personal experience then take a look at the conference blog: http://oer13.wordpress.com where you can read personal perspectives from our guest bloggers on their OER13 experiences. 

Finally, keep an eye on the OER14 site: http://oer14.org/ which we will be updating over the next few weeks and keep an eye out for the call for papers – if you love open practice & open education, you do not want to miss this conference.

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  1. The organising committee has confirmed the date and venue of OER14 and key people have agreed to lead on particular roles. Thanks for that! Arrangements for OER15 are also underway.

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